BOTTIAS is an innovative and experienced Specialty Insurance manager, whose customer centric approach ensures access to a wide range of insurance and risk management services around the world. The focus throughout is on optimizing efficiency thanks to cutting edge technology and a strong technical background.

BOTTIAS aims to provide a seamless customer experience based on best underwriting practices thanks to its robust relationships with business partners in a range of segments. Services include underwriting and risk evaluation, product development, and claims recovery and investigation.

As a Managing General Agent, we deliver insurance solutions that include binding coverage, underwriting, and pricing, and claims settlement, drawing on a worldwide network to focus on specialist lines of coverage for our clients, such as professional liability and surplus lines of insurance. We provide these services in any location, servicing remote areas where insurers may not have representation and employing state-of-the-art technology for accurate and speedy solutions.. 



We provide tangible solutions for the Specialty insurance industry, thought assessment and  partnerships with the most important global players.



We apply technology to streamline underwriting and claims processes that saves time, reduces costs and improves the overall customer experience.



A network of more than 200 active surety insurance agents and brokers getting customized coverage according to customer needs.



Experience supported by modern analytics provide organizations with customized coverage for unique risks.


We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.