BOTTIAS provides risk management services to brokers and (re)insurers globally, leveraging on technology and team expertise on underwriting, claims management and recovery services.

We focus on fruits and perishable cargo insurance, where we strive to offer tailor made coverage aligning stakeholders’ interests by providing best in class customer service supported by our deep experience and know how on this segment.

Our competitive differentiation is to have in place leaner, faster and more customer oriented processes that outperform traditional bureaucratic and inefficient insurance risk management, that adapts to today’s changing and volatile economic environment.

BOTTIAS innovative risk management approach captures the entire insurance value chain with the objective of providing an outstanding customer service, with a focus on risk reduction and improved business results.


At BOTTIAS we are committed to offer cost effective and best in class marine liability protection for our clients’ assets and reputation Given the international nature of this business, we count with a team of professionals with extensive experience that can provide customized solutions according to market needs We primarily grant third party liability coverage to freight forwarders as well as claims and recovery management services We also advise on policy wording and application.


BOTTIAS has the capacity, expertise, and resources to provide clients with a broad range of outstanding surety products In a highly competitive marketplace, it is key to know that you have a solid surety bond provider that will be there when you need it.

BOTTIAS’s underwriting approach offers a customized solution to meet your unique needs Most importantly, you’ll find that we are committed to getting to know your company characteristics, understanding your business needs, and supporting your company’s success.

Among the surety bonds offered by BOTTIAS are construction bonds, contract execution bonds, maintenance bonds, commercial contract bonds, customs bonds, and court bonds.

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